Submit an Art Request

Looking for art for a specific spot in your home? In a particular theme? Proposing artwork for a design project? Or just hoping to find the right piece at some point?
Please contact me via message and I will come back to you the next 1-2 days.

Commission FAQs

Custom artwork and art commissions, both residential and commercial, are a component of my artistic portfolio. This includes large-scale, site-specific commissions as well as more personalized works for private clientele.

How do commissions work?
Most commissions begin with a simple description of what you’re looking for submitted to me with the form. We then chat back and forth via phone, email, or text about colours, sizes, techniques etc. Depending on the project scope, I may ask you to complete a questionnaire for a more detailed description of your commission request. Once we arrive at a general direction, size, and budget, I send you a commission summary and deposit request to initiate the commission. All commissions require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Depending on the project normally more than one works will be created to give you a choice of art work.

Do you send sketches?
Sketches/ images are sent depending on the scope of the project and the degree of customization. In most cases, after receipt of your deposit the first step is a sketch emailed for review.

Do I get to offer feedback during the process?
Absolutely. Feedback is encouraged throughout the process, but most importantly in the beginning when you receive the initial commission summary and sketches.

How is the commission process managed?
Most commissions are managed through email. Special enquieries will be discussed via phone and email.

When can I expect delivery of my commissioned artwork?
The commission summary will include an estimated completion date. Commission times vary widely, from several days/ weeks to several months, depending on the scope of the project and the schedule. If the commission is time sensitive, such as for an upcoming birthday or anniversary, let me know. I am quite often able to rush projects if needed.

Can I commission an artwork similar to a past work?
Yes, this is a common commission request and something I am happy to discuss. Click here for past works.

Can I commission a site-specific artwork?
Yes. These sort of commissions are best facilitated by sending me photos of the location, paint colors, fabric swatches, design boards, etc.

Can I commission a less expensive version of an available or sold artwork?
I may be able to create a scaled-down or simplified version of the piece. Or a print version may be an option. Send me a link to the work of interest and your budget and I am happy to discuss.

Are prints available and can I customize the prints?
If prints are available it will be shown at the online shop. All prints are limited editions. Contact me with the name of the print and desired size and I am happy to quote pricing.